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I’m American-born, London-based, and self-confessed, jewellery obsessed.

My path to jewellery has always been more of a sprint. When I was 9 years old, I was given an amethyst ring set in silver. The moment I placed it on my finger, a spell was cast on me more powerful than all the fairy dust in Pixie Hollow. There was jewellery in my life before, and a lot of jewellery since, but this moment is cemented in my head because it was the first time I understood how jewellery could make me feel beautiful and powerful.

For me, jewellery has always lead fashion, which made my transition from a large walk-in closet in America to a minuscule cupboard in London a bit easier. After 15 years of living in London, my closet is a little bigger, but jewellery still wins my style heart (with leather goods a strong second). My personal fashion style leans toward sophisticated with a few trends added to make it interesting. My second favourite part of jewellery, other than feeling powerful, is that it never asks my age or dress size, it only asks that I take it out and show it off.

Before Becs B, my time and energy have been spent working in global corporations and start-ups, stretching across luxury, financial services, investment banking, science and beauty—all connected by a focus on brand development, marketing strategies and storytelling. In 2012, I founded MadLegs Media, a creative brand and content agency.

When I’m not busy crafting stories about jewellery and beauty, I’m teaching primary school children creative writing. And when I’m not writing or teaching, I’m travelling.