We believe strict rules take the fun out of style, especially jewellery. We believe you should buy what makes you smile, wear what makes you feel incredible and break rules to suit your mood. That said, there are a few tips to ensure you look polished and your jewellery isn’t wearing you.


  1. INVEST: Invest in jewellery staples (e.g. hoop, chandelier, cocktail, pendant, layer, cuff, pearl) that will effortlessly carry you through every season, trend and occasion.

  2. MIX: Mix old jewellery staples with trendy interpretations to instantly update your look.

  3. MAKE A STATEMENT: Always have at least one pair of statement earrings (hoops or drops work the best). Even the most basic jeans and t-shirt can lift to ‘wow’, and you can transition from day to night without changing your outfit—all with earrings.

  4. LAYER: Layer like you mean it, with different lengths and shapes, but link one element (e.g. colour, metal or shape) throughout for a polished look.

  5. FAKE IT: Love the look of a cocktail ring, but don’t have one. Embrace stacking. Think 2-3 for subdued and 4+ for drama.

  6. ENHANCE: Play-up your best assets. If it’s your face, bold earrings win every time. If it’s your tiny waist, your wrist is your best friend. Rings scream ‘draw closer and listen to me’. A choker defines your neck. A pendant delicately placed is enticing…You get the idea.

  7. BALANCE: Down-play your weakest assets. If you have a short torso, then long necklaces will balance you. If your neck & dec show your age more than your laugh lines, then draw attention to your face with dramatic earrings. If you’re an English pear, then lift the eyes with a statement choker…You get the idea (and when you don’t, send us a picture and we’ll guide you).

  8. JUST SAY NO: Many a trend have thankfully come and gone. Learn to walk away from anything that requires assembly, is chirping or comes with the warning label ‘risk of suffocation’.

  9. BREAK THE RULES: Mix silver with gold. We know, it was once a faux-pas, but that was for our grandmums.

  10. EXPERIMENT: Try something new, something out of your comfort zone and far from boring. We’ll show you different looks and help boost your jewellery confidence.


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  1. STYLE BY ACCIDENT: Don’t let your jewellery look like an after-thought. Style deliberately and with confidence. If you’re stuck on how, that’s why we’re here.

  2. BUY CHEAP MATERIALS: Nothing kills your image more than cheap-looking jewellery. Buy one pair of sterling silver hoops instead of 10 made from plastic.

  3. GO TREND CRAZY: Don’t wear every single trend at the same time. Let one look play centre stage with you as the lead.

  4. THINK MORE IS BETTER: More is not always better. Too much of a good thing is headache-inducing. Think Madonna in the 80’s. She pulled it off, but she’s a musician (and it was the 80’s).

  5. BE BORING: Don’t be boring or safe. Boring is forgettable. Instead, use jewellery to project whatever image you want. Have fun experimenting.

  6. GET STUCK: Don’t wear the same jewellery in the same way for your entire life. Nothing ages you more than an outdated look. Consider that even classics evolve, so your look should evolve too.

  7. APOLOGISE: Don’t apologise for working your clothing around your jewellery—we’ve been doing that our entire lives (remember, we’re jewellery obsessed).

  8. IGNORE: When that little voice in your head says no, learn to listen. Just because a certain type of earring looks good on your favourite Kardashian, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Find your style.

  9. FORGET: Even your jewellery needs an outing, an escape from the box, a chance to show-off. Find an event and proudly wear your old favourites. You’ll surprise yourself in rediscovering new favourites.

  10. COPYCAT: Draw inspiration from fashion magazines, blogs and looks on the streets, but interpret them in your own way. If you haven’t perfected your personal style, come our way and we can help.